About Us

We are a community of modern dog owners. We inspire and motivate you to live bold and be authentic. While we sell creatively designed dog leashes, collars, and harnesses, it's the bond between you and your dog that drives us on a daily basis.

Carter is our first dog. And like all dog owners, we fell hard and fast for her. It all started on a hike one day when we discuss the idea of adding a new family member to our pack, one that could join us on all our outdoor adventures. Later that night, we welcomed Carter into our home. It was official. We became dog people. 

However, all the dog accessories we looked at just didn’t match our style. High quality gear seemed overpriced and lacked the contemporary design. We soon realized that if we wanted the perfect dog gear, we’d just had to make it ourselves. Luckily, we had the entrepreneurial chops to make it happen.

And that’s how MODLEASH was born - a community of like-minded dog owners who want the best for their best friends and for themselves.