The New "Modleash"

Since we started our brand, we've been operating under the name "MOD" and "Modleash" interchangeably.
We now think it's time to make a call and settle on who we are going forward.
We love the abbreviation "MOD" but we're officially moving all our public branding to "Modleash" over the next few days and weeks.
"Modleash" is a distinct name, it's how most you know us already and it embodies who we are.
We've also been toying with an icon that expresses our modern heritage and inspired you to live bold and adventurous with your pups.
We'd love your feedback.
Below is an early rendering of the new Modleash icon in both black and white.
What do you think? Did we get it right? What would you've done differently? Leave us a comment.
Paws up,
The Modleash Team
PS: We've also been hard at work updating our website. If you haven't visited in a while check it out here:

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