The MODLEASH Gentle Leader

Hi MOD Squad,
Most of you know that we are in the process of releasing a no-pull harness but yesterday we received a request for a gentle leader.
It's not the first time we've heard this request and the post saw some traction from the group so we wanted to confirm this is something more people are interested in.
For those that don't know...
A gentle leader can improve walking your pup. Gentle leaders draw on a dog's pack instinct and will help him to see that he needs to follow your commands when on a walk.
While, at MODLEASH, we've preferred harnesses in the past, a gentle leader is an effective tool strengthening the bond between you and your pup and it does not cause your dog any harm.
So, let us know if you'd be interested in a MODLESH gentle leader and would pre-order one if we were to release it in the coming weeks. If we get about 50 commitments then we'll start the process.
Thanks for your feedback.


  • Tess Bahan

    I would definitely be interested in this as an option!! I love gentle leaders/head halters!!

  • Amanda Dickinson

    I would love one! I already use one with my dog and she responds so well to it and one that would match her collar would be great!

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