Walking in a winter wonderland

It’s important for our four-legged friends to get exercise everyday and with a few precautions and preparations outside fun can be had year round.

Get your coat

Going for a walk in winter weather means warmer clothes and weather appropriate shoes for you, but what about your dog? Small dogs and short hair dogs may need a sweater and/or shorter walks in cold weather.

Whatever size your dog, keep an eye on them for excessive shivering or other signs that it’s time to go back in.

Put your boots on

Bigger dogs may be okay with their natural fur coats, but what about their feet. If you live in a snowy climate, and can get your dog to wear them, booties are a good idea to help protect their feet from the snow, sand, salt, or other de-icers that are often covering the sidewalks.

If your dog won’t wear boots, and many won’t, be sure to wipe their paws off after walks to remove any chemicals or other residue that may be sticking to their paws.

How do your paws look?

It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on their paw pads which can become cracked. There are balms designed for dog paws that can be put on their feet before walks to help protect their paws against the snow and salt on the sidewalks, and after walks to help prevent drying out and cracking.

Now that everyone is ready to go outside, who's up for a game of snowball fetch?



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