Winter Indoor Exercise

You know your dog needs a walk every day, but it’s snowy, rainy, and freezing outside.  Winter weather was made for staying in and cuddling. But, if your dog doesn’t get some energy out, who knows what kind of mischief they will get up to. What to do?


Indoors may not be the best place to toss a tennis ball around, but there are other options. Soft toys don’t go as far, but they are a lot less likely to cause damage. Even if you’re short on space having your dog run back and forth across the living room a dozen times is going to burn off some of that excess energy.

Gym time

If you have access to stairs, getting your dog to go up and down (use a command or throw a toy) can really get those wiggles out. If your feeling a bit cooped up, you may want to join for a few rounds.

Or if you have a treadmill, with a little patience you can teach your dog to walk on one.


Just about any toy works for a game of tug.  As long as you have a free hand and little bit of energy, it helps them get our their energy. Our dog likes tug so much, we have an over the door bungee/rope for him to be able to play by himself when we get tired out.  

Treasure Hunt

When your arm gets tired, you can also have them exercise their nose and brains. There are a variety of hide/puzzle toys that are designed to keep dogs engaged.

For a quick DIY version, use a muffin tin, put some of their kibble or small treats in some or all of the holes and then cover them with tennis balls or other items and have them figure out how to get them out.

You can also hide their favorite toys/treats around the house (in between cushions, under blankets, etc.) and let them hunt for them.

These are just a few of the ways to keep your pup engaged during bad weather. What's your favorite indoor activity to do with your dog?

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